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Need More Panda Resources? Try Our Directory!

By: Chad Sweely

One of the big trends evolving on the web (especially in the SEO world) is the discussion of Google‘s recent Panda update. This has phenomenally changed the way that internet marketers structure and develop the SEO for the their companies website. Some marketers are “up in arms” about this update, and some agree and like the update, because it does benefit their business’ website.

If you are unsure of what the Google Panda algorythm update is and/or how it can affect your site, I have provided a video below from our WebProNews Video Blog that elaborates on this update in greater detail.

Our WebProNews writing staff has also been getting involved with the trends encircling this controversial SEO topic. I have provided links to a few of the articles from WebProNews pertaining to the Google Panda update below:

More coverage about the Google Panda update from WebProNews can be found by browsing the panda tag.

Looking for other opinions on the Panda update from Google? If so, be sure to browse our directory’s Search News category. It is filled with various blogs and news sites that will also be talking about this update. If you have a blog or news site that is search related or discusses the Panda update as well, be sure to submit your site to us to gain exposure to your search-related site.

What is your opinion on the new Google panda update, and how has the algorythm impacted your site’s visibility? Be sure to leave your feedback pertaining to this trending topic in our comments section below.


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  1. Gerald Navin Says:

    I have read the official affirmation from Google which states that that Panda 2 update will go live soon, that will likewise influence different than English ‘languages’ and will go worldwide. Since March, I gained far more top 10 Google ranks, as top results become better and do not contain so many article directories, auto-blogs and identical content. I think thats why, around webmaster’s and SEO user discussion forums it had been called “farmer update”.

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